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Submission Guidelines

If you are a female playwright wishing to submit your work to TWWTC for our general season, please send us a synopsis and character breakdown for the piece you intend to submit (we will accept multiple submissions).  Please be certain to include an email address or other contact information.  We will accept the above via email or regular mail.  For our mailing address, please visit our contact page.  We will be in touch with you should we need to view your complete script. Please view submission specifics below.
Every fall, NBT holds an annual competition for male and female playwrights whose work will be produced as an evening of monologues. Writers will be given a single theme under which to submit and NBT will weave a story together using their pieces. This year's theme was BIRTH.
If you wish to submit a full-length play to NBT for consideration during the general season, and are a male playwright whose submission is unpublished, we are currently interested in full-lengths only. We have a particular interest in plays with larger casts and as is the case with TWWTC, will accept submissions under any theme and with casts of both genders.

TWWTC is currently accepting synopses and character breakdowns for long one-act (45 minutes plus) or full-length plays with contemporary or period storylines. We are especially interested in pieces featuring strong roles for women in the 20-60 age range, however, there are no restrictions on number of characters or subject matter and casts need not be all-female.  All themes are welcome, however we will not accept Musicals or Children's Plays. Please include a cover letter or email with your contact information and be sure to indicate whether you are submitting to TWWTC or NBT.

If you have any questions or are in need of further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone at:
(212) 502-8630